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WCCA has many opportunities for volunteers. You can make a valuable contribution to your community and to WCCA through your service. Thank you for your interest and support.

Please check opportunities of interest:

____ Head Start Volunteer (Classroom, Field Trip Assistant, Reader/Storyteller, Performer)
____ Clerical Support (Data Entry, Mailing, Errands)
____ Board Member (Board of Directors, Head Start Policy Council, Advisory Boards, Foundation Board)
____ Senior Services - Congregate Dining & Senior Center ( Entertainment, Instructor, Office Assistant, Fundraising, Planning )
____ Tiger Town Thrift Store/Rosman (Cashier, Sorter, Furniture pick-up)

NAME: ___________________________________________________________________________
Last First Middle Maiden

ADDRESS: ________________________________________________________________________

DATE OF BIRTH: __________ PHONE: __________________ EMAIL:______________________

Previous Work or Volunteer Experience:___________________________________________________


How did you hear about WCCA? _________________________________________________________

I plan to volunteer: ______________ From _____ To_________
Day(s) of Week Time of Day

______Short Term _______Long Term _____________Special Project/Event

Have you ever been arrested and/or convicted of a felony? ________
If yes, please explain on the back of this form. Yes or No


Have you ever been arrested and/or convicted of larceny? _______
If yes, please explain on the back of this form. Yes or No


Applicant Signature and Date


Confidentiality Policy
All information about current or former clients, employees, donors, or volunteers seen in documents, observed, or overheard must be kept confidential. No information can be divulged to unauthorized persons inside or outside of the agency.

Confidentiality Agreement
I agree as a volunteer to regard all information relating to clients, employees, donors, volunteers, and Western Carolina Community Action, Inc. in general, written or otherwise, as confidential. This information includes any subject matter relating to but not limited to:
 Personal or family history/records
 Services received by an individual or family
 Financial information regarding employees, donors, volunteers or the agency
 Personal addresses of clients, donors or employees
 Business matters related to the agency, unless directed by the Executive Director
I agree to never communicate any unauthorized information regarding a WCCA client, employee, volunteer or the agency. Furthermore, I will not participate in media interviews regarding any of the above, unless otherwise instructed by the Executive Director.
I have read, understand and agree to comply with the above statements. This agreement is binding for the entire time I will be volunteering at WCCA. I understand that if I break this agreement, my volunteer experience at WCCA will be terminated.

WCCA Volunteer



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